Lomi Lomi massage

This massage will feel like a beach holiday somewhere in a Hawaiian island filled with happiness, sea waves, sunshine and relaxation.

Imagine a time out when you don’t need to worry about a thing. You are floating on lovely warm water a nice wind gently blows your hair. Your thoughts are drifting away and so are your pains are aches. This is exactly how Lomi Lomi feels!

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) is soft and smooth and not painful at all making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Imagine feeling like you are floating on a soft and lovely cloud… Any aches or worries are completely gone as you relax like never before. You will soon forget about the rain outside or any everyday worries you may have!

It’s an ancient Indian treatment, used by Ayurvedic healers to maintain body and spirit in balance and this is why you will feel very refreshed, motivated and well balanced.

This massage is best if you want to lie on bed and drift away instantly.

Balinese massage

An Isle of Bali is a perfect destination of serenity seekers

If there was a treatment that combines blissful softness, powerful firmness, state of deepest relaxation and rejuvenated energy, Balinese massage is the answer to this all!

Hot stone massage

Hot Stone is an ideal compliment to a massage treatments from head to toe in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.​

This is your urban escape, helping to relieve the stresses and strains of city living.

Most cosy, enjoyable experience for Scottish weather!


Pregnancy massage can be extremely beneficial for both mother and child. Whether it’s a firmer massage to relieve discomfort or a softer massage to help relax, it will certainly help to rejuvenate you during pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a peaceful pregnancy massage then A&O clinic is the place to be! You will be enveloped by a nurturing and tranquil oasis as you treat yourself to this pregnancy massage. The massage takes place on a long pregnancy pillow that supports and molds to every bump, meaning you will come out refreshed and restored!


Lomi Lomi variant of Mum-to-be massage also avilable!


  • You can book in for the massage anytime between the 4th and 32th week of your pregnancy
  • Please consult with your GP or midwife before receiving any treatments to check they are happy for you to go ahead
  • You must be in perfect health, and your pregnancy cannot be at risk
  • In case of any doubts, please contact us before booking