Body Hacking Therapy
for Stress

What is Body Hacking Therapy?

I’m sure that is doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever hear of or tried before

This is a bespoke therapy designed by our specialists unique to your needs. 

Body Hacking Therapy is for you if you:

  1. Are constantly stressed
  2. Feel like your nervous system is over-reactive (manifesting as overthinking, insomnia, panic attacks, restlessness, feeling out of sorts)
  3. Your digestion is disturbed
  4. You know that you have a great potential but your body and mind is stopping you from achieving your goals.
  5. Want to learn how to manage your nervous system LONG-TERM

What does Body Hacking Therapy include and why?

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A thorough consultation with our specialist who will talk to you about your needs and expectations and design a therapy course special for you that will strive to improve all aspects of your life

There is no real stress management without a full body massage! This is when we will introduce our unique Metameric massage which is a specialised treatment that releases emotions from your tissues by tightened releasing nerve connections. We blend it with our signature Ayurvedic massage adapted to your body type to give you the highest level of relaxation

WARNING: This may feel extremely releasing emotionally!

This is one of the most incredible experience ever, having your organs work optimally, while your entire tissue tension leaves your body. This part of the treatment makes you feel clean, relaxed and more at ease for days after!

It aims to bring your organs back to their optimal health and improve your digestion. Your intestines will absorb minerals and vitamin better AND your nervous system will calm down and feel more at ease. 

What is Diaphraghm?
Its a huuuuge muscle at the bottom of your chest that makes you breathe in and out. Our breathing is strictly connected with our emotions, whether it is stress or happiness. This muscle needs extra attention to help you take a real deep breathe for the first time in a while and feel simply AMAZING

This is another component of the Body Hacking Therapy. Your feet health is extremely important in your general health. Our experienced therapists will stimulate all important reflective points on your feet to trigger the healing processes that you need.

Ps: we know that not everyone likes their feet touched and this is not a must in this therapy 🙂

And finally! With this therapy you will meet Aga, our breathwork instructor, who will teach you how to take advantage of the powerful toll that is our breath, to hack your nervous system to stop being super reactive, and instead start serving you.

She has many years of experience as a stress management therapist and she will take you on a journeys through your mind to discover a new, relaxed and calm YOU:)

She will also recommend home care sessions that will serve you for life!

Components of the therapy: