Aga&Ola Academy Massage Courses

At our Academy you can learn from experienced and practicing therapists along with our own staff! All courses are fully certified and insured

Benefits of learning with us:

  1. We are not a full time Academy! We train our new staff to our own standards and occasionally we invite other therapists to join the group and benefit from the course. Which means that we offer value over quantity!
  2. We keep our groups small up to 6 people (8 in very rare cases) which means that you would get unlimited attention of your tutor to ask questions and go over things as many times as you need
  3. We offer video tutorials with most of our courses for you to follow after you finish the course.
  4. Out tutors are still practicing on their own clients full time which means that they are fresh and up to date with everything

All courses are fully accredited by ABT Accreditation and Certified. If you would like to enroll we require a 30% deposit to secure your space. You will receive materials as soon as the payment is made to prepare for the course. 

If you are looking for training but you cannot make the dates or you would like to enroll for courses that are not scheduled yet, please get in touch as I may open more training days if I get enough people interested.

Lomi Lomi massage

A really relaxing and luxurious treatment based on Hawaiian cleansing rituals that makes people feel like floating on sea waves. Certainly the most astonishing massage there is that will put you in front of your competition. 

A full body technique is shown in a 2 day course, You will also receive a videoo tutorial to follow when practicing at home.

Please email us to get on the waiting list

Ayurvedic massage

One of the most popular massages in my clinic. It comes with a great deal of theory originating in Indian Medicine that will help you understand human’s nature and give accurate advice to each individual client.

This is the kind of massage that makes people fall asleep and wake up 100% rejuvenated and balanced 

A full body technique is presented in 1 day self study time followed by 2 day practical course

You will also receive a video tutorial to follow when practicing at home. 

Please email us to sign up (almost fully booked)

Balinese massage

A relaxing technique that uses both deep and light pressure, ideal for people who are looking for the best of both worlds.

This course includes correct posture and use of body weight.

A full body technique is shown in a 1 day course, including a video tutorial to follow when practicing at home. 

Please email us to sign up (almost fully booked)

Deep Tissue - advanced techniques

This course includes correct position and use of body weight, use of elbows and forearms and strength distribution. A Trigger point technique will be shown. This course includes a video tutorial too.
It is a completely different approach to body work and all of our new therapists at my clinic, no matter how previously experienced, do this training with me and they all found it to be a ‘game changer’
You can decide to do 1 day or both days. 
Day 1 – main techniques, back and legs massage. 
Day 2 – front massage, neck and head massage, skills development

Please email us to get on the waiting list


The course planned in September will include a presentation on a real model (7 months pregnant) followed by practice on fellow students.

You will be shown techniques that apply to pregnancy treatments, all red flags will be discussed in depth ensuring client’s safety. This is a deeply relaxing massage, very popular among pregnant clients looking to relax and have their muscles worked on. 

Please email us to sign up (almost fully booked)

Advanced Medical Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Modalities

Entry qualifications – Sports therapy / remedial therapy or above with equivalent level of A&P.

This course has been designed to treat clients after cosmetic surgeries (liposuction, BBL, Tummy Tuck etc) which is one of the biggest markets in the UK.

Including Health and Safety, Manual Drainage Techniques, use of 7 different modalities and therapy progress as the clients heals. Each client needs a minimum of 10 sessions of MLD after each surgery which makes it a very profitable service.

Those techniques can also be used after orthopedic surgeries as well as for clients suffering with oedema, fluid retention and swollen body parts caused by various health issues.

Please mind that this is not a detox/anti cellulite treatment.

You can decide to do 1 day or both days. 
Day 1: Post surgery recovery techniques
Day 2: Body Modelling techniques 

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