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Enjoy a treatment that makes you feel extremely relaxed, yet super energised and ready for new challenges!

We will use the natural potential of your body and mind to re-discover sources of energy that you didn’t know you had!

This treatment is combining the energizing techniques of gentle hot oil Thai massage, cooling face calming routine that soothes your thoughts and rebalancing Aromatherapy

This is just what you need to feel like new! and motivated again at the beginning of the year!

Why is it so great?

This is the package you must get when:

  • you feel overwhelmed and tired
  • your feel unmotivated and foggy
  • your muscles are sore and achy
  • you had Thai massage before and you didn’t like it 
  • you need to relax and unwind completely

FAQ: What if I get this energizing treatment in the evening? Will I be able to sleep after?

👇 👇 👇

The answer is: YES! This treatment awakens body’s and mind’s natural ability to rebalance and they will get exactly what they need! We will use a special aromatherapy that will put you in a perfect state of relaxation without feeling sluggish and tired, yet perfectly balanced. 

Try this amazing and one of  kind package which includes:

1. Full body Thai massage

(relaxing and energy stimulating muscle therapy with hot oil and gentle stretched)

2. Cooling face treatment

that will reduce tension and clear out your head

3. Awakening aromatherapy

to rebalance chemistry in your body and min


Before the treatment you will feel, well, just like you are feeling every day probably

During the treatment we will make sure that you feel super relaxed and comfortable.

After the treatment you will feel like new, full of positivity and boosted healthy energy


Sounds good?


This new package is available until 28.02.2022. Choose from:

  • 60min Package

Only £65 (usually £80)

  • 75min Package

Only £75 (usually £90)

  • 90min Package

Only £80 (usually £110)


All options include Full body Thai massage, Cooling face treatment and Awakening aromatherapy

Online bookings only. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or package or be included in a pain management therapy plan.
This offer is available with: Shona, Angelika and Artemisia.
Aga, Kasia, Batul, Niki and Ola are excluded from this offer